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about us
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Engineering, experience, expertise, passion and dedication, this is the formula for pumps Cucchi works every day to offer the best product and service.
Our points of strength are:
Pompe Cucchi is present in the field since 1948. Founded as a manufacturer of standard gear pumps for viscous liquid lubricants and today, thanks to the realization of innovative projects, offers products that allow you to pump and dose non-lubricating fluids with extremely low viscosity with high pressures.
Pompe Cucchi offers its customers a competent technical assistance based on a  team of experts includes engineers with 40 years of industry experience and younger engineers bearers of new ideas. In this way Pompe Cucchi can find the best solution for pumps application in many industrial sectors.
The project is managed by a team of engineers with the latest CAD stations continuously updated.
The production is handled by a numerically controlled machining centre with 18 pallets that can work 24 hours / day also not witnessed (without operator) equipped with  supervising software for the management, control and integration of MCM’s production systems
and a robotized tool magazine (about 400).
The testing carried out on all the pumps manufactured, is managed by a bench where they can be displayed all the characteristic parameters of the pump and of the motor.
The training of the sales engineers of our distributors or customers who wish to apply for this service is provided by a 3D configurator visible in stereoscopy with passive glasses that allows the display of all the pumps exploded and entire assembly and disassembly of all the families of pumps of our production. This configurator also shows explanatory modules related to pump cavitation and layout examples of a metering plant.
Our products are marketed by a network of national agents and a number of dealer around the world.



Pompe Cucchi Srl Via dei Pioppi, 39 20090 OPERA (MI) Italy - P.Iva 02066290152 - c.s Euro 51129,23 i.v. - REA 906633 trib.mi reg.soc.163027